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Advanced Counter-Ambush Vehicle Operations /
Small Unit Tactics Course


TUITION:  TBA (PAYMENT IN FULL required at time of registration)



Course description:

City streets amass with people and vehicles; stop-and-go traffic, pedestrians, stoplight after stoplight… and somewhere out there the wolves are on the hunt; sizing you up and preparing to make their move.  They want you.  They want what you have.  They want what you care about most.  But you are prepared, you’re trained, and you travel with like-minded folks who are equally yoked, equally prepared, and just as switched on.  But when the predators come, it happens so fast… and you’ve never really seen anything like this before; the level of violence, predators in a pack, working in concert… do you really know how to fight your way out of this?  It will take everything you have to win this fight.


APT Firearms Academy's Counter-Ambush Vehicle Operations / Small Unit Tactics Course will continue to build on the skillsets developed in the Counter-Ambush / Evasive Driving Tactics Course.  During this course, you will learn to work in small teams to fight your way out of an AMBUSH KILL ZONE.  Driving the Car!  Pushing and Shoving!  Returning Fire!  Getting off the “X”… and when that car fails, you will learn to fight your way out of the car, away from the car, and into another car… escaping and evading a determined adversary. 


COUNTER-AMBUSH VEHICLE OPERATIONS / SMALL UNIT TACTICS is an advanced 1-day course.  This is NOT an entry-level shooting class. 


Prerequisites for this class are the following:

  • Completion of the Counter-Ambush Driving course

  • Measured success in one of the following three courses:

    • Tactical Handgun II

    • SLR / Patrol Rifle I

    • Pistol Caliber Carbine


Space is limited, so register early and make your travel plans accordingly. 


APT Firearms Academy will provide the necessary safety gear, but you’re always welcome to bring your own equipment:

  • Crash Helmet – with clear visor or full goggles

  • Bite Guard

  • Neck Brace

  • Gloves

  • Level III-A (or greater) body armor

And of course, we’re providing the vehicles!!!


You will need to provide your own live-fire shooting gear:

  • 9mm Carbine or Pistol Caliber Carbine

  • Handgun and holster

  • Magazines and magazine carriers

  • 400 rounds of ammunition

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Hat

  • Sack lunch

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