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APT Firearms Academy Private Training

Private One-on-One Training

APT Firearms Academy is pleased to offer personalized training at our main location in Galena, MO and satellite locations [APT KC (Kansas City, MO); APT North (Portage, WI); APT Texas (College Station, TX)].  Personalized training will allow you to reach your goal of becoming the best tactically trained shooter you can be.  During your private lesson you will receive one-on-one attention where the instructor can assess your skills, correct training scars, and enhance your shooting and tactical abilities.  


Contact us today about scheduling your private training session!

Private Group Training

Any APT class can be scheduled for a private group based on instructor availability and a minimum number of class attendees.  

Beginner groups:  Having a group train together in an environment with people they know and are comfortable with can help the beginning shooter build confidence, which will allow them to focus on developing the skills they wish to attain.

Advanced and experienced groups:  For advanced and experienced groups seeking private training opportunities, APT instructors can tailor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to match the capabilities and goals of each group.

Contact us today about scheduling a class for your private group!

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