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APT Firearms Academy testimonials

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This place is Amazing!  Mr. Johnson and his staff are true professionals.  They are very passionate about what they do for a living and show the utmost respect for their students.  I watched them be very, very patient with beginners and seasoned shooters.  I have been a couple times and plan to return many, many more.  So much knowledge up on the "Mountain".

~Galen H.~


APT is hands down some of the best gunfighting and preparedness education you can receive.  Always money well spent when I have the opportunity to train and learn from these individuals.



APT is the ONLY place I trust to train me to save my life or the life of my loved ones. The training is practical, relevant and appropriate to all skill and experience levels, from the most beginner to the most experienced shooter, and most importantly, has always real life application.  Mr. Johnson and his staff not only teach skills, they teach you how to think in any situation and how to come out alive.  Everyone is very supportive, professional, approachable and genuinely involved in the training process. I have trained here for 14 years and will continue to do so for many more decades to come.



Honestly, I did not want to go to the CCW class, but my husband had already scheduled and paid for us to go.  I was feeling major anxiety not knowing what to expect and did not want to feel like a fool for not knowing much about handguns.  Our instructor, Mark W., was absolutely amazing!  I never felt intimidated about anything.  He explained everything clearly and answered all of our questions, including when we were on the range for practice and the test.  100% will recommend to everyone I know.  TWO THUMBS UP!!

~Sarah B.~


~Dave H.~

My wife and I have been training at APT since the mid-90's.  Always a great experience, and BJ has knack for identifying each student's educational needs.  Family oriented. Safe. Practical.  We brought our children to train and they both can't wait to go back!  Great facilities, great instructors, and a great way to spend a weekend.  Would not hesitate to bring family and friends.  Bring a notebook and pen.  There are lessons worth writing down in the classroom and on the range.


~Mark T.~

I took the Tactical Shotgun course and it was nothing short of amazing.  The class time of understanding the benefits and weakness of the platform was as important as how you run the shotgun!  I am always thankful when I leave a training course from APT that there is a facility and BJ that offers these courses and provides the mindset needed to push on!  I recommend whatever you are wanting to learn in a truly professional environment with the best people you could possibly train with go to APT.  You may show up a stranger, but you will leave family! 



These guys are the real deal.  The trainers all fit the Biblical definition of meekness, great power under precise control.  The lodgings are spotless, and to be honest wildly exceeded my expectations.  The classroom instruction was a perfect fit for my needs, the range time was very good and helped me to correct bad habits.  There was no sales pitch for Branson time share condos, insurance, or lawyer services.  The open and honest classroom discussion was a breath of fresh air.  The only thing bad that I can say is I couldn't stay longer. 



BJ, Kat, and his instructor Cadre are beyond outstanding.  They all actually care about you as a person and want to get to know you.  They really help you grow as a human and fulfill your full potential.

The firearms training is far above industry standard.  Their diagnostics are the key.  They take the time to fix the little stuff that collects from a lifetime of doing things wrong.  The classroom mindset portions are worth the price of admission alone!

If you want a place where everyone is accepted and respected, you found it.  If you want to be around a peer group that cares about each other and doesn't try to show off or act better than you, you found it.

Please come and train with BJ, You will not regret it.  In fact, like most of us, you will probably be saying, "I wish I had done this 20 years ago!" 



The instructors take time to care about you personally.  APT makes you feel comfortable no matter your skill range.  There was so much information that could save your family that was not about shooting.  Great education for everyone.  Everyone should feel empowered to keep themselves safe and APT will help you!



what an awesome place to be!!!  Very empowering to be there, cannot wait to go back.  Wished all my Women family, friends could and would go there to experience the Mountain!!!


~Nancy C.~

The Counter Ambush Driving class was a total blast!  As always they have the best of the best instructors and the knowledge is above all else.  Learning how to do maneuvers to get you away or out of situations is something that you can’t put a price on.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who isn’t comfortable with their driving skills and even the ones who think they have it under control.  Doing it and thinking you can are two different things.  I left that class with a comfort level I didn’t have going in and will definitely take this class again.  Thank you APT for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I would give it 10 stars if I could!


~James P.~

My wife and I took the First Time Gun Owners Course and highly recommend it.  The class was very personable and educational.  My wife was very nervous and overwhelmed about shooting for the first time in her life.  The instructor, Mark, pulled her aside, talked her through it, and did everything needed to make her first experience a win.  We both came away ready to take the CCW class next and look forward to taking additional training they offer.  We also had the pleasure of meeting the Owners, BJ and Kathy.  They are one of the most genuine people I've met.  Their facility is great!  They are committed to providing an atmosphere of learning and developing the skills necessary to defend yourself or your loved ones when needed. It was a pleasure doing business with fellow freedom loving Americans!!!


~Alysia B.~

I love APT Academy.  Always provides extensive, realistic, practical knowledge from experts. This was not my first experience, I used to go growing up as well.  Everyone is always treated with respect, no matter the age or gender.  If you are wondering if this is the right academy for you, I can tell you that this is the only academy that I will ever go to.  Thank you for yet another wonderful experience APT!!


~David H.~

Truly competent trainers with real world experience, training in a diverse and well setup environment.  I have yet to find a better training environment or more competent instructors.  BJ in particular will make sure you know the reality of the world instead of a movie fantasy.

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