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Counter-Ambush / Evasive Driving Tactics Course


TUITION FOR FULL COURSE:   $3,500  (PAYMENT IN FULL required at time of registration)


TUITION PER COURSE SEGMENT (3 segments in total) lasting 1 day each:  $2,000

Course description

On any given day you could find yourself stuck in snarling traffic, surrounded on all sides by other cars and frustrated, angry people.  This just happens to be your unlucky day.  You're stuck in gridlock traffic and there doesn’t seem to be an opening in front of or behind you.  Two road-ragers have gotten out of their vehicles and are about to start a death fight.  The fight is beginning to get nasty, and you, rightfully so, are fearing for the safety of your family, but you’re boxed in.  What do you do now?  Car-jackings, kidnappings, random violent attacks, unexpected angry mob gatherings… We’ve certainly turned a corner in our unsettled society.  Things are changing rapidly and we must enhance our level of preparedness so we can better protect ourselves and our loved ones.


As part of APT Firearms Academy's Armed Citizen Building Blocks series of courses, APT Firearms Academy is now offering a Vehicle Counter-Ambush Driving course.  In this course, you will learn how to fight your way out of an entanglement of stalled, parked, or abandoned cars.  You will learn AND practice pushing and shoving your way out of a KILL ZONE created by stalled cars.  You’ll find out first-hand how difficult it can be, even with a heavy vehicle, to create enough space in a traffic jam to get off the “X”.  You will learn how situational awareness, along with an understanding of your vehicle’s capabilities and use of the proper techniques will get you and your family out of that KILL ZONE to safety.


We will teach you the weak points and fail points on vehicles for pushing and shoving, how that knowledge can be used to your advantage during a fight, and how to reinforce the weak areas on your own vehicle for better resistance and fight performance.  We will also teach you how to assess the battle space around your vehicle to immediately recognize escape routes and how to set yourself up for better success no matter what street or highway you might find yourself on.


The 3-day Counter-Ambush / Evasive Driving Tactics Course is an entry-level vehicle operation class with open enrollment.  Due to the time, effort, and high expense we incur in order to offer this class, we must have a minimum of 12 students register to attend.


APT Firearms Academy will provide crash helmets for each student.

DON’T WORRY – We’re providing the vehicles!!!

For those with time and / or budgetary constraints, you can choose to take just one section of this course, which lasts for one day and is a lower cost than taking the full course.  Each section consists of the following:

Day 1



A J-Turn (or Reverse 180 Degree Turn) is a driving maneuver in which a reversing vehicle is spun 180 degrees and continues, facing forward, without changing the direction of travel.  The J-Turn is utilized when you see a roadblock up ahead and have time to evaluate and decide if it is an illegal roadblock.  This class will teach you how to spin your car around, at speed, in a controlled 180 degree movement away from an ambush.


Bootleg Turnarounds

A bootleg turn is a driving maneuver intended to reverse the direction of travel of a forward-moving vehicle by 180 degrees in a minimum amount of time while staying within the width of a two-lane road.  The "bootlegger" is another method by which you can escape a roadblock or ambush and can be used instead of a J-Turn.  

Day 2

PIT Maneuver or TVI (Tactical Vehicle Intervention)

This technique, also known as tactical vehicle intervention, is used to control another vehicle that is trying to push you off the road in order to cause you harm.  This maneuver is used when lethal force is warranted.

Counter Pitting Maneuver

This tactical maneuver is used when a road rage actor is trying to pit you or push you off the road.  This class will cover how to counter this type of attack.

Day 3


Ramming is a technique utilized when you are unable to reverse out of an illegal vehicular roadblock or ambush.  We will teach you how to push your way through before an attack can be unleashed on you.

"Get Out of the Hole" Maneuver

This technique is used to get you out of a situation where you are boxed in by multiple vehicles.  We will teach you how to use your vehicle to create an escape route to safety.

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