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Tactical Shotgun Instructor Course (Law Enforcement Only)


TUITION:  $650 (No extra charge for P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.)) 


Course description:

APT Firearms Academy's Shotgun Instructor Course is designed to teach instructor candidates the proper methods of instructing students in the use of the tactical shotgun.  This course discusses legal issues, use of force, and department policies.  This course will greatly increase the candidate’s teaching and shooting abilities.


This is a Missouri P.O.S.T. approved course

Instructor candidates will be provided with problem students in real world trainer settings.


Topics covered:

  • Proper stance

  • Grip

  • Sight alignment

  • Sight picture

  • Ready positions

  • Weapon retention

  • One-arm manipulation

  • Use of cover

  • Selection of ammunition

  • Ammo carriers

  • And more

Equipment needed:

  • Duty shotgun (18" or 20" barrel)

  • Sling

  • Slug pouch

  • 1,000 rounds of birdshot

  • 25 rounds of 00 buck

  • 30 slugs

  • Hat

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Foul weather gear

  • Note taking material

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