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Tactical Handgun II Express Course


TUITION:  $245 (No extra charge for P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.))   


Course description:

APT Firearms Academy's Tactical Handgun II Express Course is a one-day condensed version of our Tactical Handgun II Full Course.  While the Express Course will still provide the student with a comprehensive shooting class that will help perfect the skills needed to become a solid, competent shooter, it was designed for those with hectic schedules who are unable to devote two full, consecutive days to attend the Full Course.  The class instructor will determine which tactical techniques to focus on based on the needs and abilities of the students attending the class.


The Tactical Handgun I Course is a prerequisite for this course.


This is a Missouri P.O.S.T. approved course.


Topics covered:

  • Shooting from multiple shooting positions

  • Shooting with dominant hand

  • Shooting with support hand

  • Shooting while moving

  • One arm reload

  • One arm stoppage drills

  • Nontraditional shooting positions

  • Concealed draw stroke

  • Shooting around barricades


Equipment needed:

  • Handgun

  • 500 rounds of ammunition

  • Belt, holster, and magazine pouches

  • Minimum of 3 magazines / speed loaders

  • Hearing & eye protection

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Hat

  • Note taking material

  • Sack lunch      

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