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Tactical Handgun I - Ladies Course

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TUITION:  $350


Course description:

APT Firearms Academy's Tactical Handgun I - Ladies Course is designed for the beginner as well as the avid female shooter who needs to go back to the basics to reset their handgun skills in case some bad habits have surfaced.  This course will teach and reinforce the fundamentals of shooting a handgun at a defensive distance.  We start out in the classroom to train the mind for self-defense then we move to the range to train the body with practical skillsets that will enhance your survival in a life-threatening situation.


Topics covered:

  • Shooting stance

  • Grip

  • Sight alignment

  • Trigger press

  • Draw stroke

  • Loading

  • Reloading technique

  • Malfunction clearing

  • Use of cover

  • Multiple threat engagement


Equipment needed:

  • Handgun

  • 500 rounds of ammunition

  • Belt, holster, magazine pouches

  • Minimum of 3 magazines / speed loaders

  • Hearing and eye protection

  • Hat

  • Note taking material

  • Sack lunch

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