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Armed Citizen Building Blocks Series

Reactionary Gap Course

Understanding the "21 Foot Rule"

murder, kill and people concept - Crimin


TUITION:  $125


Course description:

It’s been a long day.  You’ve certainly earned your paycheck this week.  You can’t wait to get home to the kids.  Their smiling faces always melt the soreness of the week’s efforts.  Just one more thing left to do before heading home… Fill the gas tank and grab a gallon of milk for dinner. 


While filling up the car with gas, you send a text message to see if “we need anything else” while you are out.   You look up from your phone to see a man standing flat-footed about 40 feet away.  You’re a little surprised that he seems to have appeared out of nowhere.  He’s staring right at you and tapping a 6-inch hunting knife on his thigh.  The two of you lock eyes.  You’re thinking to yourself, if he comes any closer, I’m going to draw my gun…  but he’s not coming any closer.  He’s just staring at you…  from 40 feet away.   While all this is happening you’re trying desperately to remember what you’d heard about knives and 21 feet because he’s definitely farther away than that.  “Why can’t I remember that rule??,” you ask yourself.  The man continues staring you down and tapping the knife on his leg…


APT Firearms Academy is offering a two-hour use of force lecture on the truth behind the “21 Foot Rule”.  As part of our ARMED CITIZEN Building Blocks series of courses we will talk extensively about REACTIONARY GAP and how the “Predator People” can close that gap faster than most of us think is possible.  By breaking down the legal science of the DISTANCE, TIME, and ACTION/REACTION, we’ll show you how the “21 Foot Rule” isn’t really a rule at all.  We’ll be demonstrating what it takes to truly maintain a REACTIONARY GAP.  This legal and technical review is an absolute eye-opener you won’t want to miss.


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