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Radio Communications Course - Level II
Shortwave Radio Communications














TUITION:  $245


Course Description:

APT Firearms Academy's Radio Communications Course - Level II is designed to teach students about High Frequency, better known as Shortwave Radio Communications, to reach friends or family from long distances in emergency situations.  Students will be utilizing HAM Radio High Frequency bands to establish communications between cities when handheld radios fall short due to distance.

**Course prerequisite:  Radio Communications Course - Level I


Topics covered:

  • Antenna construction

  • Antenna deployment and elevation considerations

  • Discrete and portable antennas vs performance and fixed antennas

  • Safety and equipment protection

  • Tuning

  • High Frequency Radio operation

  • Vacuum Tube Radios vs Solid State Radios

  • High Frequency Radio bands

  • Voice modes

  • Digital modes

  • Morse Code / Continuous Wave

  • Field deployment and establishing communications

  • Experimentation with how far shortwave radio communications reach


Equipment needed:

  • Note taking materials

  • Tape measure

  • Foul weather gear

  • Handheld HAM Radio (VHF or UHF recommended)

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own Shortwave or High Frequency radio or antenna to familiarize themselves with their own equipment

  • Shortwave or High Frequency Radio transceivers and antennas are to be provided by instructors

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