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Radio Communications Course - Level I
Interpersonal Radio Communications














TUITION:  $245


Course Description:

In a world where technology is ever evolving and the unexpected can happen at any moment, staying informed and connected is not just convenient, it’s critical.  Whether it’s for an adventurous hiking trip or preparing for unforeseen events, mastering the use of radios can be your lifeline.

APT Firearms Academy's Radio Communications Course - Level I (Interpersonal Radio Communications) covers everything from day-to-day communications to emergency preparedness.  Don’t let a natural disaster or national emergency catch you off guard.  Learning how to proficiently use a handheld radio can make all the difference in times of need.

What you’ll gain in this course:


  • Practical knowledge:  Understand the basics and complexities of radio communications.


  • Real-Life Preparedness:  Equip yourself with skills that are invaluable in emergency situations.

  • Community Connection:  Be a part of a network that knows how to communicate when traditional methods might fail.


Equipment needed:

  • Handheld radio; this is the key tool for your training.  If you don’t already have one, we recommend you purchase a Baofeng UV-5R 5W Dual Band Radio.

Baofeng Two-Way Radio.jpg
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