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The Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter allows you to greatly reduce the length of your firearm for compact storage and easy transportation without any modifications. It allows for the attachment and removal of your buttstock or pistol brace in seconds.  

How to use: 

To detach, push the button and twist counter-clockwise 30 degrees. The buttstock will then be separated from the firearm. To re-attach, align the two pieces, push in, and turn clockwise 30 degrees. The steel locking mechanism automatically secures the adapter. Its 7075 aluminum construction and steel internals make the RAB-AD both robust and lightweight. The RAB-AD is designed for gas piston, direct impingement, direct blowback, and radial delayed blowback systems in the AR platform. 

RAB-AD Features 


  • Designed, machined, and assembled in the U.S.A
  • 7075 aluminum body
  • Steel internals
  • Hard coat anodized for maximum wear protection
  • Buffer retainer to keep the buffer weight in the tube while disassembled
  • Buffer spacer compatible with all standard-length AR-15 bolts
  • RAB-AD weighs 3.5ounces
  • Adds 1.25 inches to the length of pull


NOTE: The RAB-AD is not compatible with BCG's that have a flared boss at the tail of the carrier. The tail of the BCG must be .950" or smaller. Is compatible with the JP silent capture spring. 

*Armorer tools provided. Only 3/8 ratchet wrench required* 


Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter

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