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Pistol Stabilizer with belt attachment
  • This Pistol Stabilizer is a multi platform design that works with an unprecedented number of handguns. Models from Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Ruger, IWI, 1911s, CZ, CANIK, STACATO, Tanfoglio, Walther, and many others all fit!
  • The Pistol Stabilizer is a Dynamic Pistol Rest that gives an operator the ability to fire their handgun with increased accuracy, stability, and safety. This is not a firearm. It's a stock that does not attach to the handgun, enabling the operator to deploy or re-holster their handgun in seconds. The operator simply places their handgun against the wall of the stock to safely stabilize the firearm, significantly reducing recoil and trigger pull errors.
  • The belt attachment is attached to the Pistol Stabilizer.

Pistol Stabilizer with belt attachment

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