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  • MISSION-CONFIGURABLE BATTERY STORAGE: Provide a safe haven for the disposable and rechargeable batteries you rely on most; high-drain cells that power your critical flashlights & gear. Whether you need CR123 for a helmet light or NVGs, 2032 for your red-dot sight, or 18350 & 18650 for attached tactical IR or white lights, the CellVault-5M can be configured to carry the batteries you need and keep cells safe, dry, and attached to your gear. Always be ready for that critical reload away from base.
  • WATERPROOF CRUSH PROOF DESIGN: The CellVault-5M battery case protects your batteries with battlefield-grade polymer construction, stainless steel hardware and a premium gasket seal. The over-center latch can also be locked to the webbing straps, securing both the contents of the case and locking it to backpacks, chest rigs or plate carriers.
  • INCLUDED INSERTS ORGANIZE AND PROTECT: 6 modular inserts are included(see images for specific inserts). Inserts can be removed, loaded with spent batteries, and installed into the case upside down to prevent inadvertent reuse of discharged cells. CR2032 wells allow for 4 CR2032 batteries to be carried under the main battery inserts. Adhesive-backed Velcro (loop-side) is included and can be attached to the front of the case for insignia, morale patches, IFF glint tape, or other identifiers.

CellVault - 5M

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