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Night Fighter Pistol Course (Use of Night Vision)

LENGTH OF COURSE:  1 day ( 4 hours classroom / 4 hours range)

TUITION:  $300 (No extra charge for P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.)) 


Course description:

APT Firearms Academy's Night Fighter Pistol Course is designed to teach both beginner and advanced students the fundamental skills necessary to shoot a handgun to their fullest potential under NODs (Night Optic Devices).  We will review setups, active vs passive aiming, lasers, zeroing, ammunition, suppressors, optics, and much more.  

This is a Missouri P.O.S.T. approved course

Prerequisites:  Tactical Handgun I Course


Topics covered:

  • Theory on the use of handguns (theory)

  • Helmet, night vision, and weapon setups

  • Active vs passive aiming

  • IR lasers

  • Handgun optics

  • Suppressors

  • Use of IR and white light

  • Ammunition 

  • Draw stroke

  • Loading / reloading / malfunction clearing


Equipment needed:

  • Night vision (monocular or binocular)

  • Helmet and mount

  • Handgun

  • IR laser or optic (or both) for handgun

  • OWB holster compatible with IR laser / optic (or both)

  • 500 rounds of ammunition

  • 3 magazines

  • Magazine pouches

  • Cold weather and/or rain gear

  • Note taking gear

  • Food / snacks / water (Please bring your dinner for this class as we will not be leaving the facility.  A refrigerator and microwave is available for your convenience.)

**We have 3 night vision units (night vision / lasers / helmets) available for rental during the class.  Please let us know if you need to reserve one when you register for the class.  There is no additional fee to use our equipment.  First come, first serve.

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