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Micro Red Dot Sight Pistol Transition Course
(Level I)

Red dot image.jpeg


TUITION:  $350  (No extra charge for P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.))            


Course description:

Micro red dot sights are increasingly utilized in law enforcement and defensive firearms.  MRDS optics have become more readily available than ever before and almost every firearms manufacturer provides an "optics ready" version of their pistol.  It should come as no surprise why the industry is so welcoming of MRDS optics on pistols.  A "red dot equipped" pistol is an exceptionally valuable tool with numerous benefits, but like any new tool there is a learning curve when training yourself to use it effectively.  MRDS optics can be tricky to master without good guidance and we're here to help.

APT Firearms Academy's Micro Red Dot Sight Pistol Transition Course (Level I) is two full days of fast paced instruction that will provide shooters with a rock solid foundation packed with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin mastering the MRDS.  Shooters will be instructed and guided through dry and live fire training drills specifically designed to help them quickly adapt their draw stroke and presentation to utilize a "red dot" pistol and begin incorporating the MRDS optic into their repertoire of arms and weapon mechanics.


If you've been struggling with your transition to using a red dot sight on your pistol...  THIS CLASS is for you!!  If you're carrying a red dot on your pistol and you're interested in pushing your defensive pistol skillsets to THE MAX...  THIS CLASS is for you!!  If you've been wondering if having a red dot on your carry pistol is a good thing...  THIS CLASS is for you!!  If you're damn good with a gun and looking for the next step after mastering your iron sights...  THIS CLASS is for you!!

THIS IS A HIGH ROUND COUNT CLASS.  Shooters should be prepared to spend most of the two class days on the range.  Despite the physical demands of APT's MRDS Pistol Transition Course, shooters will likely find it more of a mental challenge.

SHOOTERS MUST BRING THEIR LUNCH – Lunch breaks WILL NOT be long enough to allow for eating off The Mountain!

This is a Missouri P.O.S.T. approved course

Equipment needed:

  • Red dot equipped pistol

  • Belt and holster for red dot equipped pistol

  • Iron sights that can be co-witnessed through the micro red dot sight

  • Four magazines and necessary mag pouches

  • Minimum of 750 rounds of ammo

  • Hearing & eye protection

  • Hat

  • Note taking material        

  • Sack lunch (there will not be enough time to leave for lunch)

***We have a limited number of red dot equipped loaner pistols and holsters available.  Please let us know if you need to borrow one for this class.

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