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Armed Citizen Building Blocks Series

Legal Pitfalls of Armed Citizens Course



TUITION:  $125


Course description:

If you read almost any gun blog or magazine regularly you’ll start to think custom gun work is the way to go.  It’s no secret mod-manufacturers are begging you to buy their trigger packs, light connectors, and Teflon cooled nick-knack doo-whops.  In fact, if you send them your gun they’ll even cut one half ounce out of the slide, adjusting your lockup time; and why not?  Mods like that will surely make you every bit the John Wayne you hope to be, right??  But do you wonder if all those mod-manufacturers will stand behind you in court when you’re truly fighting for your life, again?   Have you considered how those modifications may affect your ability to defend your decisions to a jury of your peers?  

Legal Pitfalls of Armed Citizens is an APT Firearms Academy lecture course specifically designed to help arm the defensive carrier with the often omitted “need-to-knows” about “slicking up your carry gun”.  In this four-hour (4 hr) class we will pick apart legal arguments, prosecutorial discretion, and strict liability in the setting of real life court cases arising from shootings involving modified guns.  We will show you how the decision tree extends so much further beyond the “articulable facts” that led to the shooting, and how those decisions can be used against you in court.


This APT class is a great chance for the defensive carrier to look at real life case studies, often involving the guy/gal next door.  If you don’t think changing your trigger should make a difference, or if you think painting your gun won’t change the way you articulate the facts, then this class is definitely for you!


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