Land Navigation Course

LENGTH OF COURSE:  2 days (20 hours)

TUITION:  $325


Course description:

The Land Navigation Course covers the techniques necessary to read a topographical map, a compass and protractor, and how to use a wristwatch or a stick to tell direction.  Additionally, students will be taught how to pace count to determine distance covered.  Requirements for this course will be both a day and a night navigation segment.  The class will camp overnight.


For the law enforcement officer trying to coordinate an action in a forested area, or a hunter trying to take his game back to his vehicle, this course is unparalleled.  Sometimes knowing how to get there is what it’s all about. 


Equipment needed:

  • Camping gear – including rain gear

  • Compass & flashlight

  • Food for four meals and snacks

  • Water

  • APT will provide protractors and maps

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