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Armed Citizen Building Blocks Series

Disparity of Force Course

Things You Should Know When Carrying a Gun Is Part of Your Life

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TUITION:  $125


Course description:

Life is busy, and today is no exception.  You and your family are getting packed to leave for vacation.  At the last minute you realize you need to pick up one last thing from the store before leaving.  Pressed for time, you hop out of your car and almost fail to register the fast-moving car coming toward you.  The car screeches to a halt and the door flies open.  A VERY angry and belligerent man appears and is quickly closing the gap between the two of you.  He is yelling profanity and you realize you’re caught out in an open parking lot, he’s coming at you, and he’s UNARMED! 


You try to reason with this deranged individual as you quickly back away from him.  You move around to the other side of a parked car like you’ve been trained to do in situations such as this.  You know exactly what you’d do IF he were armed, but he’s not.


He balls his fist and in a flash he’s knocked you to the ground by striking you square in the face… and he doesn’t stop there.   You try scrambling to your feet, but he knocks you down again and starts kicking you.  You try to escape, but you just can’t seem to get him off of you.  WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END??  HOW MUCH OF THIS ABUSE DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE???


As part of our ARMED CITIZEN Building Blocks series of courses, APT Firearms Academy is offering a Use of Force lecture on DISPARITY of FORCE.  We will break down “In Fear of My Life” and “Defending My Life” from UNARMED COMBATANTS.  Through review of the law and case studies presented in this two-hour course, we will help you to understand what the courts have said about the LETHAL CAPABILITIES of UNARMED ATTACKERS, and how that establishes the parameters of an OBJECTIVELY REASONABLE response.  This course aims to present real-world, street applicable knowledge you can use to help protect yourself and your family.


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