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Tactical Handgun One-Day Course

LENGTH OF COURSE:  1 day (8 hours)
TUITION:  $245 without P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.)
                   $270 with P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.)
Course description:
APT Firearms Academy's Tactical Handgun One-Day Course is a basic handgun course for the first-time student who has no knowledge of shooting a pistol or the shooter who needs to get back to the basics to refresh their skills.  It is extremely important for every shooter to obtain a solid foundation before moving on to the next level of training.
This is a Missouri P.O.S.T. approved course

Topics covered:

  • Proper stance

  • Proper grip

  • Sight alignment

  • Sight picture

  • Trigger control

  • Draw stroke

  • Reloading and unloading

  • Stoppage clearing drills

Equipment needed:

  • Handgun

  • 400 rounds of ammunition

  • Belt, holster and magazine pouches

  • 3 magazines

  • Hearing and eye protection

  • Hat

  • Note taking material

Let us know if you don’t have a handgun and we will provide one for you to use during this course.  You will need to bring your own ammunition.

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