Tactical Handgun III Course


TUITION:  $325


Course description:

The APT High-Risk Environment Handgun Course (Tactical Handgun III Course) is a two-day intensive practical handgun course that expands on the shooting techniques taught in the Tactical Handgun II course.  The student will experience the stress of simulated realistic defensive shooting confrontations in which they will practice their skills. This practical shooting course is a culmination of the Tactical Handgun I and Tactical Handgun II courses that will help to fine-tune the skills of the handgun shooter.


This is an advanced course.  Tactical Handgun I and Tactical Handgun II are prerequisites for this course.

Topics covered:

  • Firing while moving

  • Multiple advanced shooting positions

  • Discretionary shooting

  • Weapon retention

  • Immediate action drills

  • Close quarter battle

  • Concealed modes of carrying

  • Firing from a moving vehicle

  • Reloading while driving

  • Multiple threat engagement


Equipment needed:

  • Handgun

  • 1,400 rounds of ammunition

  • Belt, holster, and magazine pouches

  • 5 magazines/speed loaders

  • Flashlight

  • Hearing & eye protection

  • Concealed carry vest

  • Hat

  • Note taking material