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Special Operations Medic Course

Special Ops Medic Course.jpg


TUITION:  $650 (No extra charge for P.O.S.T. credits (L.E.)) 


Course description:

APT Firearms Academy's Special Operations Medic Course is designed to teach EMTs, paramedics, nurses and physicians who are members (or will be members) of a special operations, high risk warrant, or hostage rescue team.  Our “stair step” teaching approach enables students to develop the ability and confidence to conduct emergency medical care in a tactical environment.  This training is provided in a real world type scenario.

This is a Missouri P.O.S.T. approved course


Topics covered:

  • What is an S.R.T. medic?

  • Emergency care (drug lab, booby traps)

  • Trauma care in a tactical environment

  • Handgun and shotgun fundamentals

  • Submachine gun and rifle fundamentals

  • Equipment needed

  • Introduction to dynamic entries

  • Officer / subject down drills

  • Breaching & rappelling

  • Distraction device introduction


Equipment needed:

  • Note taking material

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Hearing and eye protection

  • 800 rounds of 9mm pistol ammunition

  • 100 rounds of shotgun birdshot

  • Leather gloves

  • Day backpack

  • Hat

  • Foul weather gear

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